Premium Choice Products Ltd is pleased to announce that our new innovative chrome filter showerhead has arrived and can be found on Amazon and eBay.  this is the companies first product and we have spent almost a year researching and updating the design compared to other similar products.  The filter shower head gives you a shower that not only delivers pure water that has had 99% of the minerals removed but also a finer spray due to the laser-cut holes only possible with the filtered water.  Our products also come with chrome plating to improve the strength and durability of the products compared to other manufacturers.  We are so happy with this product it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and 1-year warranty. 


Why not try yours today by clicking on the link below.  If you are happy with your products we would also appreciate a review as we are a new company and this will help us develop more innovative products for you in the future. 





NEW, IMPROVED DESIGN - CHROME FINISH: Combines the stylish finish of chrome with the functionality of a 3-layer filter system! The smart, chrome finish will coordinate with your existing chrome bathroom fittings whilst the triple filter system will improve the quality of the water. The showerhead has 3 function modes - rainfall, jet, and massage.


3 LAYER FILTER SYSTEM: Two different layers of mineral balls/beads to remove chlorine, fluoride, toxins and heavy metals from the water and a scale filter to remove any excess particles. The mineral balls add microscopic minerals thereby enhancing the benefits of the water to your skin and hair. The mineral bead filter system is particularly beneficial in hard water areas.


LUXURIOUS SHOWER EXPERIENCE: The GoChrome showerhead is fitted with an exceptionally fine laser-cut showerhead spray plate producing a luxurious, spa-like shower experience. The 3 filter layers purify the water, making the use of the laser-cut showerhead spray plate possible. The chrome showerhead looks great and performs brilliantly.


EASY TO USE: Fitting your new GoChrome showerhead is easy and requires no tools. Just add one of the washers supplied with your order to your existing shower hose and tighten by hand. The GoChrome filter shower head fits all standard shower fittings. Suitable for wall-mounted and hand-held showers.


WHY SHOP WITH US?: We offer a unique, chrome-finished filter showerhead. We are a UK-based, family-run business committed to providing 100% customer satisfaction. Excellent customer service, quick response time to any queries. 12-month money-back warranty. You will also receive free with your order an alternative faceplate, spare washers, spare filter balls, and PTFE tape.



GoChrome's new, improved filter showerhead design! The fully chromed finish will match with your current bathroom fittings whilst also increasing the strength and durability of the product and the 3 layers of filtering improve the quality of the water. Our new showerhead design will enhance your bathroom and your showering experience. The filtered water will mean you keep the shine in your bathroom for longer. The shower has 3 function modes selectable by using the switch on the showerhead.

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